Congratulations, Brenna!

The Consolation Prize team is made up of folks from pretty much every part of the university—we’ve got a term faculty member, a postdoc, two graduate students, a former adjunct, and an undergraduate student. Our undergraduate student, Brenna Reilley, is graduating! We’re so glad we’ve gotten to work with her this year.

Brenna has been an integral part of the team, working with our social media and working as a producer on several episodes. She has worked on many of our Season 1 episodes:

  • Our mini-episode about Joel Poinsett at Christmas
  • Eden to Ashes,” our episode about the eruption of Mt. Pelee in Martinique
  • Worthy of Notice,” where she developed the story of Caroline Chenoweth (and wins the prize for writing the very best closing line of all of our episodes)
  • and our final episode of the season, coming up on May 11, about Black experiences with consuls in Mexico.

But Brenna’s input has been all over each of our episodes.

We’re extremely grateful for her work and we will miss Brenna greatly as she moves on to graduate work in history!

Will you help us celebrate Brenna’s graduation and her fantastic work on Consolation Prize by listening to her episodes, and then leaving us a review on Podchaser or Apple Podcasts, shouting out the amazing work she has done?