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New: Beyond the Consul

When we set out to make a show about U.S. consuls, we knew that it would mostly be a show about white men–there just aren’t that many consuls who don’t fall into that category. We believe their stories are compelling and need to be told in order to understand the history of U.S. foreign relations, but we did always feel a little lack in prioritizing their stories over the stories of the people whose cities they inhabited.

This season, we’re trying to do more to tell those stories. Our main episodes will still feature the consuls of the United States, but for each episode, we’ll be releasing a supplemental episode with more about the places they lived, and the people who they interacted with. We hope in this way to provide a more decolonial, less Americentric view of the places Americans went.

Every story has a perspective; no one telling can account for all sides and facts. But in this season, we’re trying to show more of the multiplicity of the historical record.

We also want to showcase more of our experts. We do many hours of interviews for every episode, and most of those interviews end up on the cutting room floor. We almost always end up with incredible stories and ideas that just can’t fit into the main episode, and it always feels so sad to not let you hear them. So we’re trying to give you a chance to hear a little more of what we learn while we’re creating these episodes.

Every Beyond the Consul episode will follow the format of a more traditional interview show, like you may be used to hearing on many history podcasts. We hope you like our new experiments in format.

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Listen here to our first Beyond the Consul about Tahiti.